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Hitman: Absolution is only a couple of months away from release, which means it's time for another piece of media geared at pumping you up for the game. This time we get a tutorial on the “Tools of the Trade,” in a video hilighting Agent 47's wide arsenal of weaponry.

The trailer opens with a sweeping shot of all manner of firearms. As the narrator soon informs us, though, 47 won't be limited to just loud, violent guns when Absolution finally arrives. He'll also have quiet, violent weapons to add new holes to the bad guys like scissors, a bent pipe, a naked lady statue, etc. We even catch a quick glimpse of 47 stabbing a dude through the throat with a katana. Now THAT is how you conduct an assassination.

Okay, am I the only one who saw 47 pick up that gas can and thought “Oh, snap! Dude's about to light someone on fire. Maybe he'll due it from atop a balcony and sort of rain down death on his enemies!” And then he freaking konks a guy on the head with the thing. Way to use your imagination, 47.

Anyway, as this trailer so wonderfully demonstrates, you're going to have more than enough ways to dispatch your foes once Absolution finally hits store shelves. And if murdering a dude with a bit of wire isn't your taste, you can always fall back on those trusty firearms. It looks like you'll have more than enough to choose from.

Get to killing creatively when Hitman: Absolution drops on Xbox 360, PC and PS3 on Nov. 20.

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