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The launch trailer for the second episode of Hitman has gone live ahead of its April 26 release, featuring a look at Agent 47's visit to the fictional tourist town sitting off the sandy shores of Italy. We get to see a few of the outfits 47 will don as well as his main target in the area, a biochemical engineer.

Game Informer spotted the new Hitman trailer from IO Interactive and Square Enix, where it first leads players around some of the hotspots of resort area of Sapienza, leading up to 47 heading down into the secret lab of Dr. Silvio Caruso. Check it out below.

According to the Game Informer article, the reason Silvio Caruso is so dangerous is because he's developing a virus that has the potential to target specific DNA in an individual, allowing him to become a killer and an assassin without even having to leave the confines of the laboratory.

The agency has Agent 47 to travel to Sapienza to scout out where Caruso is located and take him out. Players will have the entire, idyllic town at their disposal. We get to see a number of ways for 47 to utilize high-points for sniping opportunities, or disguising oneself as the lawn maintenance to get in close, or pretending to be a guard while infiltrating the lab.

The launch trailer for Hitman's second episode doesn't go quite into the amount of detail and variety of gameplay options present in the Sapienza map, but IO Interactive made sure in previous videos gamers managed to get a nice little collage of all the different ways they could both infiltrate the area and execute the target.

The Sapienza map will be the second of six total maps due out for Hitman. Square Enix decided to utilize a different payment and release model for the AAA game in order to experiment with limiting production costs while maximizing revenue. While it means that the title is making money consistently across each and every quarter, it also limits the total install base and creates a sense of fatigue for some players.

Comment sections and forum boards are rife with players who feel as if paying separately for each episode destroys the flow of immersion and replayability since they have to wait months in between each episode's release. The other problem that Square Enix may incur with this release model is that if a group of players don't like a particular episode, they may be less inclined to pay for another one, as opposed to just paying $60 up front and getting them all right then and there.

The option to pay $60 for the complete package of Hitman is still available, only you'll still have to wait with everyone else for the scattered release of each episode. It's a risky move, no doubt.

You can look to get your hands on Episode 2 for Hitman starting April 26, next week, for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Episode 3 will take place in Marrakesh and will likely be unveiled soon.