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After getting the boot off the official BioWare forums, the official 'Hold The Wallet' party has decided to branch off into bigger and better things. The group is now working with "Retake Mass Effect" and "Retake Gaming" to expand, grow and organize an event that they hope EA and BioWare will never forget.

We've covered a number of stories here on Gaming Blend regarding the Retake Mass Effect 3 movement, which kicked into high-gear after EA had BioWare run damage control on the Mass Effect 3 ending debacle. To make matters worse is that a number of gaming outlets sided against consumers and felt that "consumers aren't always right" and instead that gamers were just being "whiny, entitled brats", which was reiterated by Wedbush Morgan analyst, Michael Pachter.

'Hold The Wallet' wants to reinforce that consumers are entitled to a quality product if that's what they're paying for based on advertisements, media promotion, etc., and heck, even the Better Business Bureau tends to agree with that sentiment. Kurt Lippmann, organizer of the 'Hold The Wallet' movement further stated that "As customers, it is our right (and our duty) to express our dissatisfaction."

Lippmann further surmises the way those who support the movement feel about the situation, saying...
We are an association of fans, followers, and gamers who all share the same feelings towards EA and Bioware: We are tired of all the nonsense. We are tired of our feedback being ignored or swept under the rug. We are tired of the corporate politics and PR stunts. We can't take any more of the hollow promises and borderline lies used to promote products. "

Many Mass Effect fans also voiced their dissatisfaction with either having to buy mobile apps or playing the game's multiplayer in order to get the best possible rating in the game's single player, as discussed to great lengths on BioWare's official forums.

This kind of follow suits with one statement by Lippmann that I whole-heartedly agree with, when he says "As customers, we claim the right to question the actions of the corporations we purchase our games from instead of blindly accepting their business practices." I think that falls hand-in-hand with the gaming industry requiring more transparency. Hence, the reason many of these protest groups are coming together for a common cause. Gamers love the industry, just not all the bullcrap that comes along with it.

Lippmann further adds that...
The event that inspired our plans to stand up and give EA/Bioware an ultimatum came from the ending of Mass Effect 3 and the way Bioware and EA handled it. It was the last straw of many last straws building up for years. Fixing the ME3 endings is the ultimate test, and we WANT to see them pass! We all want to see the ending to ME3 fixed properly. So, as a powerful incentive, we will try to warn them what is at stake should they try to get away with doing as little as possible and continue the recent theme of mediocre quality.

'Hold The Wallet' is coordinating with other Mass Effect protest groups and they don't want to just limit it to Mass Effect fans. They want gamers who want to see a change to step in as well. They outline their goals and motivations over at the Hold The Line website, where you can find out more about their Guy Fawkes-esque intentions.

But remember, whether you agree with the movement or not, whether you support consumer rights or not, make sure that when the DLC comes knocking at your door and you don't want any of it, you don't have to scream and shout, you just have to Hold The Wallet.

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