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Homefront: The Revolution Opening Video Explains Why North Korea Invaded The U.S.

In Homefront: The Revolution, players will take on the role of U.S. rebels fighting against the rule of North Korean invaders. But how did we get to that point? In the game’s opening movie, plot points leading up to the game’s opening are addressed.

Coming from the team at Deep Silver, Homefront: The Revolution is kind of like that remake of Red Dawn, where North America finds itself under threat of North Korean invaders. More than “under threat,” really, as a brilliantly orchestrated scheme in this alternate history universe has allowed North Korea to take control of parts of the United States with barely any opposition to worry about.

In the opening cinematic for Homefront, we’re treated to a down and dirty sprint through the events leading up to the game. What makes it so effective is that, like all good fictional political dramas, it’s really not that hard to imagine this chain of events actually happening.

For starters, in the world of Homefront: The Revolution, the “Silicon River” of North Korea grows out of huge technological advances in the 1970’s. Instead of all of those tech advancements happening in the States, in other words, the game claims that North Korea’s Apex Corporation got the ball rolling instead.

With North Korea’s technology leaders paving the way for phones, tablets and the like, it’s only a matter of time before they also started creating advanced military weapons. Much like the smartphones and other gadgets we gobbled up, the US quickly invested in the weapons North Korea was shipping out.

Eventually, the US got into one too many wars and the debt became monumental. In 2015, the US defaulted on their debt and North Korea took the opportunity to pay The States a little visit. Before setting up occupation, though, they wisely hit the off switch on all of that technology we had been purchasing over the years. That’s the problem with high-tech gadgets; you never know what else might have been programmed in without your knowing.

So in Homefront, the U.S. is left without the ability to communicate or even defend itself, as even the weapons, choppers and the like had a back door.

After dropping off some aid packages under the pretense of offering support, North Korea eventually took control, leaving only cells of revolutionaries to fight for our freedoms.

Set in 2027 Philadelphia, Homefront: The Revolution will allow players to take advantage of sneaky tactics and guerilla warfare in order to turn the tide of war and, hopefully, free the people of the United States.

Good luck with that!

Look for Homefront: The Revolution to arrive on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC

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