Hotel Dash: Suite Success Coming Soon To PC And Mac

Playfirst announced today that the award winning Dash franchise will be milked and extended just a bit further. In fact, the newest addition to the Dash franchise will be Hotel Dash: Suite Succes and it’s coming soon to the Playfirst web-portal as well as retailers nationwide.

According to the press release, Kenny Shea Dinkin, Chief Creative Officer at PlayFirst, commented saying…

“Hotels are funny, and romantic and all about customer service,”…“With Hotel Dash: Suite Success, we’ve introduced a new vertical, timing element to the Diner Dash series, set against an exciting and spoofy hotel-culture backdrop. So with its set of new, quirky and demanding Dinertoon guests (sleepwalkers, anyone?) Hotel Dash has players strategically maneuvering to help the clientele across multiple floors of five hilarious hotels.”

The game will see players starting off in a rickety-shack of a hotel as they work their way up to the five-star treatment. Players will also take control of both Flo and Quinn for the first time in a brand new setting with a ton of new time-related action-puzzles to complete.

Like previous entries in the franchise, players will have to work against the clock to meet costumer satisfaction by bringing them everything necessary to make their stay at the hotel an enjoyable one, including gift baskets, floral arrangements, and a bevy selection of other hotel accoutrements.

The game will be available on November 24th for digital download for PC and Mac via the Playfirst online store. Retail versions of the game are expected to hit shelves on December 24th. Hotel Dash: Suite Success will retail for $19.99. For more info you can visit the Official Website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.