Watch Dogs pits a lone hacker against criminals, mercenaries and SWAT teams. The odds are stacked against Aiden Pearce but there are plenty of things that players can do to level the playing field.

Here are some of the best strategies I picked up while playing through Watch Dogs. They should make your journey through the mean streets of Chicago much easier.

Upgrade Your Hacking Skills First
Upgrade Your Hacking Skills First
Watch Dogs' skill tree lets you advance Aiden's driving, shooting, hacking or crafting skills. All four areas are useful but I'd suggest putting your first skill points into the Hacking category. Specifically, you should unlock the abilities to control gates, bridges and bollards.

Why? Because the most challenging parts of Watch Dogs are the car chases. You'll often find yourself being pursued by multiple vehicles. Outrunning them solely with skilled driving doesn't work too well. Watch Dogs cars tend to drift a lot so you're bound to make more mistakes than the A.I. chasing you. Furthermore, the skill upgrades in the Driving category don't improve your handling much.

The most reliable way to get escape other vehicles is through hacking. Open a gate, drive through, and then shut it behind you. Raise a bridge as you approach and jump the gap. By expanding your hacking skill to more electronics, you're giving yourself more escape options.

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