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How Long InFamous Will Be Around, According To Sony

In case you're worried about the future of the inFamous series, or any PlayStation exclusive, for that matter, apparently there's always a chance that Sony's heaviest hitters will make a triumphant return someday. This hope comes from a recent interview with Sony American Studios' Scott Rohde.

The folks over at Kinda Funny Games recently held an interview with Scott Rohde to discuss the inFamous series, as well as Sony first party studios like Sony Bend, Sony Santa Monica, Sony San Diego and the folks at Sucker Punch. That last studio is, of course, responsible for the inFamous series, as well as the Sly Cooper games on the PlayStation 2.

In the interview, Rohde explains that Sony has no plans of simply sweeping a successful series under the rug, saying:

We're never going to retire an IP. We're always going to be open to it. That's about the best way I can answer that.

More to the point, when asked about the continuation of the inFamous series, Rohde says that fans shouldn't expect that just because there is no news right now, that there won't be news at some point in the future. When asked specifically about the inFamous series, he says that there's always a chance super-powered 20-somethings will return to the PlayStation family. Check out the video below.

The most recent game in the series, inFamous: Second Son, may have been a minor victim of timing. The first two games in the series did very well on the PlayStation 3, pulling in solid sales figures and high critical praise. Second Son was also hailed by the critics, but it came out very shortly after the launch of the PlayStation 4. You'd think that being one of the first big exclusives for a console would give it a sales boost, right? Well, it's not that simple. Even though the PS4 sold very well at launch, there's still a limited number of people who had one of the consoles in their home through those first few months. Can you imagine how much bigger that pool would be had inFamous: Second Son had come out in 2015?

The story was continued in the form of inFamous: First Light, a prequel that was sold at a bargain price and as a standalone game rather than DLC. It, too, was well received by critics and even wound up on the PlayStation Plus lineup a while back.

The inFamous universe has a lot of room to grow and expand, so here's hoping we see something new from that camp in the coming years. In the meantime, Sucker Punch has apparently been working on a new game that's far enough along for Rohde to have played an early build of. Could this be a new inFamous title or perhaps another new IP? We'll just have to wait and see.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.