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Psyonix is updating Rocket League next month with a spiffy new way to hold a conversation in the game. Technically, it's 27 new ways to hold a conversation in the game. That's right, they're expanding the quick chat so that players can further customize how they communicate in Rocket League.

Over on the official Rocket League website, they posted up a quick blog that outlined the 27 new quick-chat options that players can assign to the digital pad and pull up during the game. These new chat options are spread across five different categories, including team Information, Reactions, Apologies, and Post Game reactions. You can assign three different chat reactions to each category, giving Rocket League gamers a total of 12 different quick-chat responses they can use during the game.

You can check out the 27 new flavors of responses in the list below.

• All yours.
• Calculated.
• Go for it!
• Great Clear!
• Holy cow!
• In position.
• Incoming!
• My bad…
• My fault.
• Need Boost!
• Nice Block!
• Nice one!
• No Way!
• Okay.
• Oops!
• Savage!
• Siiiick!
• What a play!
• Whew.

They also added eight new post-game responses that can be used in the Information category so that players can express their delight (but not displeasure) at the turn out of the match in the post game affairs. I suppose for the really awful matches, silence will speak volumes if certain teammates decide not to use any postgame responses.

Psyonix has been right there at the forefront of keeping Rocket League a constantly growing and ever-expanding property that has managed to capture the hearts and minds of PC, PlayStation and Xbox gamers. The breakout hit has managed to move millions of copies and continues to maintain a rather strong eSports-ready presence with its competitive gameplay mechanics.

Unlike some companies out there, though, that get really serious about their game once it becomes popular in the competitive realm, Psyonix has managed to keep things fun and light with Rocket League. They've experimented with new game modes like playing hoops or adding ridiculous accessories to the cars... like hats.

The game keeping its fun factors and lighthearted appeal will go a long way in maintaining its audience, and with the promise of cross-platform compatibility on the horizon, Rocket League could see an even bigger resurgence from gamers as Xbox One and PS4 gamers will finally get to see who is the best by fighting against each other in online bouts.

The cross-platform play hit a bit of a snag when Microsoft gave the a-okay but Sony put up their hands and decided not to play ball. Eventually it may all work out, and that would most certainly give the extra quick-chat features a purpose to properly communicate and organize strategies, or troll opponents by spamming stuff like “Savage!”

The quick chat features will be accompanied by some other new additions in the June update, but Psyonix has yet to reveal what those other features are. They plan on rolling out more info leading up to the June update, so you'll have to stay tuned into their blog to see what they have up their sleeve for Rocket League.

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