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Valve thinks you're terrible at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Yes, you. Is that how you think you're supposed to hold a Desert Eagle? What are you doing with that smoke gren - you know what, it's not important. Just listen up.

The company will be releasing a series of videos from professional CS players. In each video, they'll pass on some of the knowledge they've accumulated over the years. These tips might not turn you into a pro but maybe they'll make your kill:death ratio a bit more respectable.

The first video stars Semphis from Area 51. He talks about how he handles the ever-popular AK-47 assault rifle. Also, he shows you how to effectively use flash and smoke grenades in de_inferno.

CS:GO launched in August, but it's far from a "new" game. It's based on a Half-Life mod that was released back in 1999. The basic gameplay has remained intact , so many players came into CS:GO with years of experience. Thus, the learning curve can be a bit brutal for newbies. Hopefully these videos do some good.

The CS:GO team will be going to next week's Electronic Sports World Cup in Paris. While there, they'll meet other CS:GO pros so expect more tip videos soon.