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Powers season two is nearly here and, starting tomorrow, you'll have a couple of ways to get your superhero fix. There's even going to be an option for anyone with an internet connection to check out the first episode free of charge.

The folks over at IGN today announced that they will be hosting a premiere event for the second season of Powers, complete with post-show discussion.

If you missed out on the first season of Powers, you can watch it now through the PlayStation Network. You can either buy one episode at a time, the full season bundled, or free of charge for anyone with a PlayStation Plus account.

The IGN season two event is set to kick off tomorrow, May 31, at 1 p.m. PT. At that time, you can head on over to the IGN website for a live broadcast of the first episode of the season. Afterward, IGN Comics editor Joshua Yehl will interview the co-creator of the comic the show is based on, Brian Michael Bendis, as well as actress Olesya Rulin.

Not only will they be on hand to discuss the premiere episode, but they'll also offer some exclusive info from behind the scenes of the show and what fans can expect out of this second season of Powers. To get primed for the shindig, you can start by checking out the season two trailer below.

A PlayStation Originals production, Powers takes a more realistic look at what the world would be like if people with, well, powers existed. For instance, you know how Superman always catches folks who have been thrown from a skyscraper? That particular comic never addresses the fact that you would have to be extremely careful, or stupendously lucky, not to snap the spine of the person you were catching in such a fashion. Powers tries to inject those subtle touches of reality that help make the universe a bit more believable than your standard cape and spandex fare.

Similarly, what's the world supposed to do when super-powered baddies start showing up? If there aren't any (fully sponsored, of course) heroes about, then the police need to be able to take measures to stop bad situations from turning worse. That's where the Powers division comes in, providing a backbone for the series.

In season two of Powers, someone is going around killing powered individuals. That is, of course, cause for concern for both the Powers division and the people who may serve as the next target, as well as the average citizens who live in fear of being caught in the crossfire.

If you're not too busy playing Uncharted 4 or lamenting the delay of No Man's Sky tomorrow, you might want to tune in for the first episode of Powers season two. New episodes will arrive each week as part of the usual PSN update.

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