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Capcom announced yesterday it will be releasing an enhanced version of Lost Planet for Xbox 360 and PC on May 27th. The remake, entitled Lost Planet: Colonies (or Lost Planet: Extreme Conditions Colonies Edition, if you're not into the whole brevity thing), contains several new features for single player and multiplayer and will cost only $29.99.

Perhaps the biggest additions are the new game modes, which are as follows:

Single player modes:
- Score Attack – Every enemy and destructible object is assigned a point value. Earn different point amounts depending on how they defeat the enemy.
- Trial Battle – Fight just the game's bosses, one after the other.
- Off limit Mode – Play through the single-player campaign with enhanced movement speed and super-charged weapons with unlimited ammunition. Who needs cheat codes?

Multiplayer modes:
- Akrid Hunter – A small number of players are turned into Akrids at the beginning of the match and the remaining human players must take them down.
- VS Annihilator – Destroy your opponent's VS while defending your own.
- Counter Grab – Have the longest data posts activation time to win.
- Point Snatcher – Take down opponents and collect the most thermal energy points.
- Akrid Egg Battle – Steal Akrid eggs from the opponent's team and bring them safely back to your own base.
- Egg Bandit – Steal your opponents' Akrid egg, with more points awarded for longer capture times.

Colonies will also feature four new multiplayer maps, five new character models, and several new weapons. The game includes new camera options as well, with player given the choice of switching to first-person or over-the-shoulder perspectives. It's important to note that the remake is not backwards-compatible with the original version of Lost Planet however - you won't be able to use your old saved games and players with different versions won't be able to play online against each other. On the bright side, multiplayer matches for Colonies are cross-platform so PC and 360 owners will be able to play each other.

Also, perhaps most importantly, people who buy the remake will be able to make fun of PS3 owners, who finally got the vanilla Lost Planet last month.

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