Infamous: Second Son is only a couple of weeks away from its late-March release date and, leading up to the launch of one of the first major exclusives to grace the PlayStation 4, the developers at Sucker Punch have decided to put together a brand new live action trailer celebrating the fact that with great power comes great fun.

If you’ll pardon the slight spin I put on the legendary words of a dying Uncle Ben, the team at Sucker Punch is going out of its way to make sure gamers enjoy the time they spend with Second Son. Like previous Infamous games, players will have the option to follow their own path in Second Son, siding with either order or chaos. In most games where players get to choose between good and evil, going the “bad” route typically comes with a price, making it frustrating to make decisions that aren’t perfectly in line with the Boy Scouts handbook. With Second Son, though, Associate Product Marketing Manager Cristian Cardona said that Sucker Punch wanted to allow players a lot more freedom in their choices for how they play the game, resulting in an “Enjoy Your Power” campaign.

“As we were working on ideas for how to communicate the absolute joy that comes from having extraordinary powers, we started to wonder, ‘What would it be like if it happened in real life?’” he said. “From there, the seeds to this new spot were sown.”

The new spot Cardona is referencing is the live action trailer embedded above. Second Son tells the story of Dlsin Rowe, a young and edgy activist who finds himself in possession of great powers. He’s got sort of a punk rock attitude and, unlike previous series protagonist Cole McGrath, he seems to be having a heck of a lot of fun with his powers no matter which side he’s fighting for. A smile is never far from the face of Rowe as he shoots fire and neon (see video below) all over the city, becoming pretty much the first video game protagonist I can think of to absolutely revel in their abilities rather than treat them like a curse.

Rowe’s adventure is sure to take some darker turns when Second Son finally launches on the PlayStation 4 come March 21, but at least we know that, players will be empowered to “enjoy their power” (and safe sex) in the moments that break up the more dramatic events.

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