With the release date for BioWare's third Mass Effect game quickly approaching, a couple of new details about the gameplay and story choices have emerged, giving gamers slightly more insight into what they can expect from the story and the interactions.

According to a German gaming magazine, GameStar [via VG Arabia] BioWare is fixing up a few of the issues from the previous two games while also adding in brand new gameplay mechanics for the third game. For instance, space travel will now include territorial consequences, such as passing into Reaper territory will see them tracking down the Normandy and players must engage in a mini-game of sorts to thwart their pursuers.

Story changes and choices will play a much heavier role in the game, considering that characters that may not have survived in the first two games will affect the player's progress, story arc and character interactions throughout the Mass Effect universe. What's more is that some of the deceased crew mates may be replaced with others while some will be gone for good.

Being a Paragon or a Renegade will also alter how Shepard influences other NPCs throughout the galaxy. In other words, player decisions will eventually spread to the point where your play-style reputation will precede you...for better or for worse. In addition to this, every decision will play a larger role in how it ultimately affects the universe, so there's no such thing as a moot choice.

The Citadel has been expanded with more places to visit and more characters to meet. Whether these characters will be able to join you on your galactic adventures is not known but further interaction with Citadel members has been promised.

Also, the Normandy will be directly affected by the progress (or lack of progress) in the war effort. How the ship will be affected was not revealed but I imagine it will undergo some sort of change to reflect decisions directly affecting the Normandy and its crew.

If you're planning on getting the game on PC be sure to check out if you have the appropriate system requirements. A demo is expected to launch in mid-February.

Need more info? Feel free to visit the Official Website.

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