Usually I give most games the benefit of the doubt before they release and most times it's not entirely fair to talk down on a game while it's still in development, but man oh man does Inversion's multiplayer look like trash.

First off, Inversion seems to be a really cool game that plays on the concept of gravity. The promotional trailers made the game look awesome and the concept of being able to flip, spin, rotate and manipulate environments using gravitational force-field devices is quite awesome.

The problem -- as you'll readily see in the three trailers below -- is that none of the above concepts translate well into a multiplayer deathmatch all. The shooting looks clunky, the melee has a strange offset and the gravity mechanics are turned into poorly implemented field gimmicks. It's very disappointing.

What's worse is that the shooting pace looks terrible with all the static environmental obstructions and the aiming doesn't seem to correlate very well for some of the weapons, specifically the sniper rifle and assault rifle. What were they thinking?

A lot of character movements seem kind of clumsy as they try to navigate the maps and especially once the shooting starts. I'm not sure if that's a purposed character design decision or if things weren't very smoothed out in the animation department.

What's worse is that the environments on display are entirely uninspired and look like rejected multiplayer maps from the first Gears of War.

A Saving grace for the game's multiplayer seems to be the team deathmatch, which is slightly more organized and compelling than the other modes but the game's main mechanic (gravity manipulation) is a byproduct of the action. In fact, in one scenario a guy tries to use his gravity powers to shoot lava at an opponent only to nearly die as he tries to actually grab the lava and aim it at his opponents.

When developers talk about delaying games for polish, the following videos show us why it's important for those delays to take place. I hope Saber Interactive can get the game fixed up nice and neat by the time it readies to launch. Inversion is due out in late March for home consoles and PC. For more info feel free to visit the Official Website.

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