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A new month means it’s time to once again rake in a fresh batch of Club Nintendo rewards, where loyal customers of The Big N can redeem imaginary Coins for virtual games that, this month, feature a mustachioed plumber, the son of a legendary gorilla and an angel with wicked bow skills.

The Club Nintendo program is actually pretty simple to take part in and, as a reward for putting in the minimal effort, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a small collection of games free of charge or, perhaps, trade in points for some physical items. Basically, all you need to do is register your Nintendo games and consoles at the official site, which will automatically earn you Coins. You can also take part in brief surveys about why you purchased a product and what you thought about it after a couple of weeks of use to earn more points, if you feel so inclined.

Each month, a roster of four games (two for the 3DS and two for the Wii/Wii U) become available in exchange for all those coins you’ve been saving up. This month’s new games have finally gone live and will be available through Aug. 3, so there’s still time to earn more Coins if something catches your eye.

First up on the 3DS is Metal Torrent, a DSiWare game that harkens back to vertically scrolling shooters of old. You’ll pilot your ship through bullethell levels overflowing with enemies, firing back at the baddies along the way. This one will set you back 200 Coins.

Also arriving via Club Nintendo for the 3DS this week is the 3D Classics version of the NES original, Kid Icarus. You can play this old school hit just like you remember, or you can switch on the 3D effects to view the game in a whole new way. Kid Icarus will also cost you 200 Coins.

Over to the Wii U/Wii is a game sure to delight fans of cult classics, Paper Mario. This virtual console version of the Nintendo 64 game features Mario and his best buds going on yet another RPG adventure, and it can be yours for 250 Coins.

Finally, there’s the Virtual Console version of the NES game, Donkey Kong Jr.. This one will only cost you 200 Coins, but it’s only available through the Wii U, not the vanilla Wii.

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