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Some decisions will really come back to bite you in the butt. I'm guessing the decision to ensure that all third-party peripherals are certified according to a proprietary standard is making the execs at the Redmond offices in Washington cringe with burning fury right about now, as Klipsch has announced a new line of high-end peripherals for game consoles... well, each major console except for the Xbox One.

Klipsch announced at this year's Consumer Electronics Show that the KG-200 and KG-300 are inbound for the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation 4 and home PCs. Obviously, there's a missing console in the line-up. Wonder why that is? Well, if you're not a registered peripheral manufacturer under the house of Microsoft, then you can't make devices for the Xbox One. This was mandated back during Microsoft's reveal of the Xbox One in May, where they shortly thereafter made it known that only registered peripheral makers would be allowed to put their junk on the Xbox One. In simple terms: Your Xbox 360 headsets don't carry over and aren't compatible with the next-gen Xbox.

This hasn't stopped Klipsch from moving forward with their new headset technology, with Chris Aiello, headphone product manager for Klipsch commented in the press release that...
“Following the success of our bestselling ProMedia 2.1 multimedia speakers, we have undoubtedly gained the necessary expertise to bring new products to the gaming market,” ... “For years the focus has been on the evolution of gaming graphics, but developers and studios are now emphasising a quality audio experience. With decades of industry-leading audio developments, our new headsets will be the quintessential audio accessory that best brings the gaming experience to life.”

The KG-300 is a wireless beast with modifiable settings via equalizer controls, chat volume, mic monitoring, and ergonomic design so it fits comfortable on whatever geometrically shaped head that rests atop your neck.

The KG-200 is a wired beast that offers all the same things as the KG-300, with the exception that the KG-200 is wired down to keep you in close proximity to your console like a parole wearing an ankle tether to keep them from venturing too far away from their parole officer. If you're down with that (as well as a lower price) then the KG-200 is your best bet.

Both the KG-300 and KG-200 are available for pre-order right now from the official Klipsch website.

The thing is, this says a lot more about Microsoft their idea of a closed-garden ecosystem than it does the competition or peripheral providers. With Microsoft losing massive market share against both Sony and Nintendo in the eighth generation of gaming, and coming in behind the curve technologically to gaming PCs and the PS4, it speaks volumes about the potentiality of the Xbox One when it's also limiting what kind of accessories and third-party hardware will be compatible with the hardware over the long haul.

Hopefully Microsoft has some other alternative in mind, because right now it's going to start looking bad on them when the PS4 will get a bunch of unique accessories that won't be made available on the Xbox One.

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