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Microsoft released the latest trailer for Killer Instinct: Season 2 featuring the old-school fan-favorite, TJ Combo, with his fists of flurries and hard-hitting uppercuts, haymakers and teeth-knockers.

The trailer introduces the character with a brand new look, an interesting story and some seriously hard-hitting combos. I was kind of disappointed a bit that they didn't really get in on his massive jab-flurries and hooks that made TJ Combo so awesome back in the original Killer Instinct titles; but it is just a trailer, so I know they can't fit in everything into the darn thing.

The main focus seemed to be on Combo's gritty new look, which fits the narrative of a fighter who lost everything and is on the path to redemption. In a way, it seems like a continued narrative of a character rather than the reintroduction of a familiar face. They even gave Combo a bit of a hardened look over his street-wise, hot-shot demeanor from the previous games. Remember the confident and cocky TJ Combo from old?

I can, without a doubt, say that TJ Combo was one of my favorite pugilists from back in the day. I know he had a lot of comparisons to Balrog from Street Fighter, but hands down TJ Combo could beat the ever-living-crap out of Balrog. I don't know if he could take Heavy 'D' from King of Fighters, though. I really liked Heavy 'D', too... the guy had some insane quick-jab combos that could just ruin anyone who couldn't corner-guard. Even still, TJ Combo was known for laying waste to opponents with the kind of flurries that would make Bruce Lee blush. Check out an oldie but a goodie below.

Now the headline also mentions that the trailer teases Cinder. How can this be known by a half millisecond of nothing more than a burning sound and a glowing orange light? Well, because it's a burning sound with a glowing orange light. There's only one character that fits the bill: Cinder.

I'm actually a little shocked that Cinder came later than Fulgore. I would have imagined that they would have held off on Fulgore and dumped in characters like Cinder, TJ Combo and Maya before Fulgore, just to build up to his release and really get fans e-begging for him hardcore.

Anyway, Killer Instinct: Season 2 gets off into full gear tomorrow on October 15th.

You can look for a few more trailers, press releases and move-lists to appear as more characters fill out the list.

Need to learn more? Feel free to pay a visit to the game's official website.