When the next PlayStation launches, it may be accompanied by a new Killzone. A new report says that Killzone 4 will be released alongside the PlayStation 4 later this year.

The KZ4 report comes from Videogamer who cites "an industry source." They note that the game could be announced at Sony's "See The Future" event this month. The company is expected to unveil the PS4 at that event as well. That console is rumored to be launching this fall.

The Killzone series, as Videogamer notes, has traditionally been used to showcase Sony's new hardware. Killzone 2 was announced at E3 2005 along with the PS3. Killzone 3, meanwhile, featured the console's new PlayStation Move and 3D support. Killzone Mercenary, meanwhile, is one of the big upcoming releases for the PS Vita. Killzone 4 seems like a fitting launch title for PlayStation 4, then.

After Killzone 3's release in 2011, Guerrilla Games confirmed that it had moved on to create the next Killzone. At the time, they said that development was being led up by Steven Ter Heide, producer of the previous two games. Guerrilla Cambridge (formerly SCE Cambridge) is developing Mercenary so Guerilla's team in Amsterdam has been able to focus on making KZ4.

Little is known about Killzone 4. A teaser trailer for the game was supposedly being filmed last spring. According to the voiceover of this trailer, the game had a female Helghast villain, possibly Autarch Visari's daughter.

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