If your exposure to the Killzone franchise already includes Killzone 2 and Killzone 3, then chances are pretty good that you have little interest in picking up the recently announced Killzone Trilogy just to try out the original Killzone with an HD makeover. Well, good news! Killzone Community Editor Victor Zuylen has announced the Killzone HD will also be heading to PSN as a standalone title on Oct. 23.

Zuylen made the announcement through the PlayStation Blog, saying that the 2004 PlayStation 2 title will be running at 720p graphics at a steady 30fps, complete with “MSAA filtering, sharper textures and higher quality sound effects.”

The game also features full trophy support, and a list of all of those glittery goodies can be found on the above linked PS Blog post. Zulyen also confirms in the comments that Killzone HD will not have Move support, but that the controls have been tweaked to better align with the PS3 iterations.

In Killzone the red-eye-helmeted Helghast have invaded the planet of Veckta. Players will be able to take on several roles in this FPS romp, including standard soldier and ISA Captain Jan Templar, the trigger-happy Rico, the sneaky Shadow Marshal Luger and the human-Helghast half-breed, Hakha.

Sadly, Killzone’s multiplayer component will be limited to an offline offering against AI components but, if you’re used to modern online shooters, that shouldn’t come as a big disappointment.

If you’re looking to get some Killzone backstory without investing in the full trilogy, then Killzone HD can be yours on Oct. 23 for $14.99.

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