Killzone: Shadow Fall will use motion-captured actors in order to make the characters more life-like. Today developer Guerrilla Games introduced us to two actors that will play key roles in the story.

Shadow Fall begins decades after Killzone 3. The ISA has resettled Helghast refugees on the planet of Vekta following the destruction of their homeworld Helghan. The Helghast and Vektan now live together in a massive city divided by security walls. The uneasy truce between the two factions doesn't last long, though.

The main character is Lucas Kellan, a Shadow Marshal. The Shadow Marshals are elite ISA agents that do the behind-the-scenes wet work necessary to keep the Vektan people safe. Kellan will report to Vektan Security Agency director Sinclair. Sinclair is played by David Harewood, a British actor best known for portraying another spymaster: CIA deputy director of counterterrorism David Estes in Homeland.

One of the enemies players will encounter is Echo. Echo is a covert operative for the Helghast who, like Lucas, will do anything to protect her people. Unlike a lot of Helghast soldiers, she doesn't cover her face behind a mask. She's played by Jamie Gray Hyder, best known for her role as the werewolf Danielle in True Blood. Yes, the one from the threesome.

"Witnessing how these characters came to life, with both David and Jamie lending their physical performance, voice, and likeness to the role, was a fantastic experience for us," Shadow Fall director Steven Ter Heide said on the PlayStation.Blog. "We can’t wait to show you more of the performances and storyline of Killzone: Shadow Fall."

Pictures of Harewood and Hyder in their goofy, goofy motion-capture gear are below. Guerrilla also released screenshots of their characters so you can see why developers go through all the trouble to mo-cap. The resemblance is quite creepy.

Shadow Fall will debut this fall exclusively on the PS4. The game is part of the launch lineup for the next-gen console.

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