The time has come and the motion-based, controller-free gaming device has officially become available at retailers for the Xbox 360. Microsoft poured millions of dollars into both the research and development as well as the marketing for Kinect, and it’s all in an attempt to try and gain control of a market that Nintendo snatched up and ran away with back in 2006 with the Nintendo Wii.

The EyeToy 2…oops, I mean the Kinect, offers gamers full body natural user interface controls, also known as NUI. It’s similar to what Tom Cruise was using in Minority Report when he was practicing his hand-ballet for catching criminals without an actual keyboard. Of course, Microsoft is already looking into expanding NUI for their gaming and professional atmospheres, which is why they acquired NUI firmware and hardware expert, Canesta.

As it stands, Kinect allows gamers to not only use their body for various interactive gaming activities, but it also supports full voice recognition as well as supplemental controller support for those who would like to mix-and-match their gameplay style.

Kinect is available in several bundles, so for those of you who never bothered looking at an Xbox 360 as a potential buy because it lacked Wii-mote style action, well there’s an Xbox 360/Kinect bundle for you. For those of you who just want the Kinect, well that’s also an option as well.

You can pick up the controller-free gaming device from any brand name local or online retailer. For more info feel free to visit the Official Website.

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