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A lot of people probably never heard of Blueside Studios' upcoming real-time strategy, MMO, hack-and-slash action game, Kingdom Under Fire II. However, it's easily one of the most ambitious games set to release on home consoles.

The official PlayStation channel recently released a new video of the game featuring expertly edited footage of real-time gameplay. It's easy to see the footage and think that it's all CG since the quality is so high and the gameplay is so unique, however the video is completely in-game and features a massive array of potential for when it releases later this year.

Basically, the game is a mix of real-time strategy and action role-playing. It takes all the elements from both worlds and smooshes them together to create one of the most unique gaming experience currently coming to the market (or already available on the market, if you happen to have access to the Korean version of the game on PC.)

Kingdom Under Fire II offers players two distinct styles of play between a real-time strategy game with troop and unit management and hardcore, action melee combat (well, technically there's three if you count the middle ground of playing as a more laid back crowd-controller and team support class).

On the real-time strategy side, players can maneuver, position and plot out attacks for their side. Additionally, artillery and heavy units can also be utilized just like in other RTS titles such as Command & Conquer or StarCraft, where siege units can be strategically deployed to bring down castle walls or other fortifications. A player who knows how to command the battlefield from the top layer will be a real force to be reckoned with.

However, on the flip side there is the option to play on the ground – taking part in the thick of the battle that unfolds on the field. Players here – as showcased in the video above – can play just like their favorite hack-and-slash, Dynasty Warriors-style game without having to worry about managing units or micromanaging attack strategies. You can just plow through the forces and hope to dwindle the enemy troops with pure, brute force and unrivaled button-mashing skills.

I'm more-so interested in how well the game will handle the multiplayer component and will players taking on the role of a strategist have a distinct advantage over someone who just wants to bust heads and clobber their opponents with a knight or gladiator?

I guess we'll find out soon enough when the game launches.

Additionally, Blueside rattled some cradles and ruffled some feathers when they mentioned a few months ago that Kingdom Under Fire II for the PS4 would have better graphics than the PC counterpart. Ouch. I'm sure that only applies to people playing on laptops.

You can learn more about Kingdom Under Fire II for PC and the PlayStation 4 by paying a kind visit to the game's official website.
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