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BlueSide announced that Kingdom Under Fire II has been officially confirmed for the Xbox 360. In addition to the confirmation news it was also revealed that the game will contain a few new multiplayer surprises, too.

Developed in correlation with Phantagram, BlueSide announced that the console version of the game would see some welcomed support for Xbox Live and real-time action strategy like previous entries of the series.

According to an article on Electronic Theatre, “Kingdom Under Fire II for Xbox 360 will differentiate itself from the PC online version in that there will be more focus on the single-player aspect as for players to unveil the secrecy of Bersian history as putting themselves on shoes of heroes and reunite the scattered nations in deep and rich storyline. Addition of mind-blowing scale of Castle Siege battle and the conventional Action RTS multi-player mode via Xbox LIVE”

The game will feature massive battlefields, huge armies to command and control, and plenty of aerial, siege and ground-based machinery to fill out the rest of the combat. According to BlueSide the game will be due out next year in 2010. No word yet on if this game will appear on the PlayStation 3, but we’ll keep you posted on the news here at Blend Games.