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Way back when the PlayStation 4 first launched, one of the unexpected launch titles was a little platformer called Knack. Unfortunately, Knack didn’t do so well when it was released, but recent information shows that Knack creators may be willing to give it another shot with a sequel.

Shacknews spotted the information on a CV for a 3D animator working at XPEC in Taiwan and according to that CV, the sequel has already been in production for about a year. The CV explains that that animator started working on Knack 2 in May of last year.

Shacknews reported that the CV has been updated to omit the Knack 2 listed experience, but the information has already gotten out. You have to wonder what happens to the people who leak information about an unannounced video game. A guy I worked with accidentally listed our game on his resume on LinkedIn before we had officially announced it, but nothing horrible happened to him. I think game companies just let the media run rampant with the little information and speculation that they have and create the hype.

As for hype, I’m not entirely sure Knack 2 is going to be surrounded by that kind of excitement. When I worked at GameStop during the launch of the PS4, I watched many people purchase Knack with their console, but many, many people traded it back in due to being horribly disappointed. I had never seen a game returned so much since I had worked there. So I immediately took it as an indication that they game was a failure. But maybe the developer has taken what may have gone wrong and used it to create a whole new experience?

Of course, there has been no official statement from Sony about the leak, but I think it’s safe to say Knack 2 is on its way. You can check out the original game trailer below.