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Knuckle Cracker's Creeper World Is Now Available For PC And Mac

Strange name for a game, eh? Creeper World. Anyway, Knuckle Cracker, the development team behind the new project recently announced that the game has been released for PC and Mac. It’s a unique blend of real-time strategy and glob-like destruction.

According to the press release…

“Players expand their base through an energy collection network, defending it from this Creeper with blasters, mortars, drone bombers and more. Using weapons to strategically push and manipulate this creeping enemy opens an entirely new world of action, strategy, and fun previously untapped until now.”

The game actually comes jam-packed with 20 Story Missions and 25 Conquest Missions. It’s kind of tough to tell exactly how this “creeper” enemy acts and responds simply based on a description and without actually playing the game. Interested gamers are in luck, however, as a free demo is available on the Official Website. The full game can be purchased for the budget-price of $19.95.

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Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.