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If you follow Hideo Kojima's twitter account, then you know the guy has been pretty busy this past week. In fact, he's been on a road trip of sorts, touring just about every Sony studio under the sun alongside PlayStation 4 architect Mark Cerny.

The above paragraph is not, in fact, the description of an upcoming summer buddy comedy flick. After finally parting ways with Konami (the result of a yearlong, messy breakup), the mastermind behind series like Metal Gear Solid and Zone of the Enders is finally free to do whatever the hell he wants.

And apparently what he wants to do is get to work on making that next big game. As soon as the ink dried on his departure papers (those are a thing, right?), Hideo Kojima announced that not only had he already begun work reforming Kojima Productions, but he was also partnering with Sony for his next game. He expressed a renewed sense of inspiration for the upcoming project, as not being tied to a long-running series like Metal Gear meant he could stretch his creative muscles and do something wholly new.

Sony, it would seem, was on board with the idea and quickly wooed the director to work on an exclusive project. Well, it'll probably be coming out to PC, too, so we shouldn't throw around the word “exclusive” so loosely. The point it: He isn't married to Sony like he was Konami, so there's no telling what he'll make next or what platforms it'll appear on.

Over the past week, that Sony/Kojima relationship has been on an almost literal honeymoon of sorts, with Hideo Kojima touring oodles of Sony studios alongside the man who crafted the PS4, Mark Cerny.

Along the way, Hideo Kojima has kept to his tradition of updating twitter on the regular. Along with tweets from within the various studios and alongside fellow developers, he's taken the time to tweet some pretty touching thoughts like the one seen below.
That tweet kicks off a chain of messages about how he's getting to reconnect with people he hasn't seen in years and how, no matter their age, ethnicity, or gender, they're all friends united by a passion for games.

From Sony Bend (Uncharted: Golden Abyss) to Ready at Dawn (The Order: 1886) to Sony Santa Monica (God of War), not to mention a quick visit with Star Wars director J.J. Abrams, Hideo Kojima has been making new friends wherever he goes. Hopefully all of this will lead to the creation of an even stronger new studio and, in turn, more fantastic games.