Are you an RPG fan craving a real RPG where role-playing as a character has specific consequences and the game world itself can shape depending on your decisions, and you can even be maimed or killed permanently? Well, Krater might be the game for you.

FatShark, the makers of the popular third-person multiplayer game Lead & Gold: Gangs of the West, are working on Krater right now. The game fits the description above, enabling gamers to experience a world ripe with choice, chance and consequence. However, the team isn't just moving forward with their own ideas and concepts they want the feedback of the gaming community at large to help shape and mold the world they'll be playing in.

Martin Wahlund, CEO and Executive Producer at Fatshark commented in the press release about the pre-alpha test, saying...
“The concept of alpha and beta has been watered down over the last couple of years that is why we have chosen to name the current version Playable Vision, as it hasn’t reached what we consider alpha yet. We also want to stress that we listen to gamers and incorporate feedback that they give us.”
“We have a clear vision for the game, but the way to get there has already changed upon the feedback and suggestions we have received from our community on the initial game concept. The Playable Vision is the next step towards the final game.”

Yes Martin, the Playable Vision sounds nice but we've been calling "Playable Vision" pre-alpha these days. It's the hip new trend in testing out games before their appropriate alpha test. Anyways, game designer Victor Magnuson also had a few things to share regarding the game and the atmosphere, saying...
“We have tried to update the classic top-down RPG formula in real-time, allowing us to add co-op and player versus player game modes later on. However we have made sure that nostalgia is not lost in the process, creating a game that feels fresh but still familiar.”
Sounds a little like what some people may have been expecting from Diablo III. Anyways, you can sign-up to stay up-to-date on all things Krater by visiting the Official Website.

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