LEGO City Undercover is headed to the Wii U as a launch title and, now that a brand-spanking-new trailer has been revealed, you can find out more about what the game will have to offer when it hits Nintendo's newest console later this year.

Actually, LEGO City Undercover looks like it might be a pretty rad little platforming adventure game. Aside from being easy on the eyes, this newest trailer shows off the trademark LEGO video game series humor, some high-flying fisticuffs, Wii U second screen integration and lots of vehicles being driven, flown and...floated(?).

At a glance, the combat engine looks reminiscent of the Arkham series, so maybe we're going to have more options when it comes to dispatching LEGO City's most nefarious criminals, like Rex Fury.

Exploration looks fun, as does the use of the city map on the Wii U controller's screen and using the thing for a sort of altered reality heat vision to track down the bad guys.

A handful of LEGO games have hit consoles over recent years and, like the Pixar animation studio, these guys don't really make bad experiences. Here's hoping LEGO City Undercover will be a similar success for Wii U owners young and old come Nov. 18.

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