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The Last Guardian's long hiatus from E3 finally ended at E3 2015. Sony showed off a brand-new gameplay trailer for the PS4 exclusive during their press conference.

The trailer revealed, among other things, that the game hasn't undergone any radical changes. The main character is still a young boy seemingly stuck in the middle of an abandoned temple. His only companion is a giant dog/bird beast.

At the start of the demo, the boy encounters a ledge. He calls the creature to ask for help. The creature leaps across the gap to the wooden platform on the other end. This causes the platform to tilt downward far enough to be reachable. The boy then jumps across the gap and the creature catches him with his mouth.

The boy isn't completely worthless, though. There are times when his companion needs his help as well. The two encounter a purple and red totem that seems to disturb the creature for unknown reasons. The child needs to push the structure down a track and off the edge of a platform to get it out of his pet's path.

Unfortunately, shoving the totem off the platform made the entire structure unstable. The platform begins to collapse underneath the boy. He tries to leap back to the creature but this time, his companion misses when he tries to snag him with his mouth. The boy begins to plummet to his doom but then luckily grabs onto the creature's long tail. The two then scramble to firmer ground.

I was shocked to see The Last Guardian at E3. The game was initially announced for a 2011 release but has been delayed several times since then. Other bad signs included the apparent retirement of creative director Fumito Ueda from Sony Japan and the brief abandonment of the trademark. Then, in 2013, Sony announced the project was on hold.

"We've got so many projects out there from so many great teams, projects never ultimately go away," Jack Tretton, then Sony Computer Entertainment of America's CEO and President, said at the time. "So The Last Guardian is certainly not going away, but it's on hiatus right now."

While all this was going on, Sony didn't show off any new footage from the project. It was easy to lose faith in a project when all you hear about it are setbacks.

Nonetheless, it looks like The Last Guardian is still a thing and we're going to be able to play it someday. The end of the trailer promises a 2016 launch.
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