Sony is showing off a lot of their upcoming big releases at Gamescom this week and Last of Us certainly fits that description. A new gameplay trailer shows the violent encounters that Joel and Ellie will have with fellow human survivors.

Last of Us depicts a world ravaged by a mysterious fungal outbreak. Much of the population has been wiped out. The few that remain are now desperately searching for supplies. As Joel and Ellie journey across the United States, they'll encounter a number of people who will try to take their supplies by force. Joel does not show them any quarter.

While Last has third-person shooter elements, Naughty Dog has avoided making it feel like a shooting gallery game. It's much more up close and personal than that. Most of the scuffles in the trailer end with Joel pummeling the guy. Ammo is no doubt in limited supply in the apocalypse so you'll probably have to rely on your fists more than you would in say, Uncharted.

The cutscene about thirty seconds into the trailer might look familiar. That's because it's a trimmed version of the ambush video released back in May. If it doesn't look familiar, go check that out. Like every other video released for Last so far, it's a good watch.

Last of Us is expected in 2013. It's being developed exclusively for the PS3.

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