Publisher NIS America’s latest game, Legasista, is set to hit U.S. shores tomorrow, giving players the opportunity to dive into Nippon Ichi Software and System Prisma’s latest action RPG exclusively through the PlayStation Network.

These types of games are what make the digital distribution revolution so wonderful. Legasista is the kind of niche title that would not move well on U.S. store shelves. In previous generations, there’s a very good chance RPG fans in the States would have never had the chance to actually play the game. Now that these games can be delivered digitally, the cost of making a physical product is bypassed and, thus, more and more obscure games are being made available for those fans who desperately want to play them. The future!

But enough of that. Let’s have a look-see at what Legasista, a name mixing the words “Legacy” and “Sister,” has to offer.

NISA Marketing Coordinator Ryan Phillips shared the above trailer in a recent post on the PlayStation Blog, highlighting the game’s deep character and item customization, randomly generated dungeons, and tons of loot.

In Legasista, you take on the role of Alto. Your sister has been turned into a crystal, and the only way to return her to flesh and blood lies in the Ivy Tower. Reminiscent of classic RPGs with the toughness of a roguelike dungeon-crawler, Legasista could be just the thing to get fans of the genre through the final slow weeks of the summer game drought. Look for it tomorrow on PSN for $29.99.

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