Warner Bros Games released some new assets for Lego Lord of the Rings featuring some new screenshots and a trailer of Smeagol, Frodo and Sam (in Lego form of course) traveling through familiar locations form the Lord of the Rings trilogy in the upcoming Lego Lord of the Rings game.

Like all previous Lego games from Warner Bros and TT Games, players will be able to traverse through the block-building environment, make up or deconstruct blocks as well as battle well-known villains and encounter memorable allies. Check it out in the trailer below.

The trailer is hilarious. TT Games really knows how to nail the comedy timing...I'm surprised they didn't have a quick clip of Boromir saying “One does not simply build their way into Mordor”. Anyway, the voice-acting seems to be right on par, even though in previous Lego games talking was kind of frowned upon and majority of the “conversations” took place with gesticulation and funny glances.

Lego Lord of the Rings is scheduled to release this fall for home consoles, PC and handhelds (Warner Bros is making sure they make a profit on this thing). This will probably be a good way for families to join in on the Lord of the Rings action before jetting off to see Peter Jackson's prequel The Hobbit.

You can check out some additional screenshots of the game below – and might I add that Gollum looks absolutely hilarious. For more info feel free to visit the Official Website.

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