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You've heard of Offensive Combat right? No? No problem. It's a free-to-play shooter with tons of comical elements, lots of weapons, goofy characters and tons of pwnage. If you want a game that requires skill, has easy entry-level play mechanics and runs out of your browser then Offensive Combat is a game that might fit right up your alley. Did I mention it's free-to-play? Well it is. Here at Gaming Blend we had a chance to chat up the crew at U4iA Games for their new FPS Offensive Combat while also playing with the devs and a few pros.

The interview was actually postponed from its original date and we had to do some switching-around to make it all work and so we ended up having a phone interview and spliced that together with the footage from the play session with the developers, specifically a play session with U4iA's community manager Jeremy Dunham, who was nice enough to let me get in a few kills during the rounds. There was also a special guest star but I'm not going to ruin it.

A little background info before you hop in: The framerates were a little iffy at times so it's not your browser if you notice stop-and-go gameplay. It's the nature of the beast. The interview is mostly with Chris Archer, co-founder and CCO of U4iA Games, Sean Maggard from Zebra Partners is just there to provide a little extra vocal ambiance to the atmosphere. Check it out below.

One of the things you probably couldn't see too well is the melee combat in the game, which plays a pretty big part in the CQC aspects of the game, and there's a hilarious cache of goofy weapons to use ranging from wooden swords and mallets to large pieces of ham.

One thing worth noting is that U4iA isn't just starting and ending their promotional campaign with Offensive Combat. The company is looking to expand even while their current game is still in closed-beta testing. According to Chris Archer...
...U4iA was founded on the principle of "whats next", so we are always hard at work on something cool and exciting like Offensive Combat. Stay tuned for future announcments!”

Recently, U4iA announced a pledge of support for the new Android-based home gaming console, the OUYA. Archer's mention of the companion app for Offensive Combat that will become available for mobile devices might be a perfect fit for OUYA but we'll have to wait and see.

For now, Offensive Combat is in the early beta stages of testing and gamers keen on getting in on the action and trying it out for themselves can do so right now by signing up for a beta key and playing the game directly out of their browser by visiting the Official Offensive Combat Website.

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