Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is right around the corner for the Xbox 360 and PS3. However, not every gamer is riddled with unbridled excitement for the game. In fact, a lot of gamers are brimming with anticipatory apprehension for Lightning Returns, as the game could be a smash hit or a dud, depending mostly on how it turns out.

Given that the game is taking some massive leaps in a completely different direction from the previous Final Fantasy XIII games, and even more-so than any Final Fantasy game before it, there is a lot riding on this title for Square and a lot riding on this title in terms of gamers seeing if the series has a hope of being redeemed, especially as far as the Lightning saga goes. Here are a few reasons why gamers are about as excited as they are for the game as they are apprehensive about it.

More Cosplay Than Gameplay
The Japanese love the niche culture of dressing up in fantastical costumes. They call it cosplay... like “costume play”. The trend extends beyond eager fans donning the outfits of their favorite manga, anime or game characters... it extends to the fictional characters as well. Art imitating life imitating art. Well, Square Enix is taking that meta-culture seriously and applying it to Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

Having customization options is a great thing, and being able to modify the character with a bevy cache of costumes that alter the character's skillsets, special abilities and stats creates a smorgasbord of opportunities for gamers to exploit... in theory. In execution, we could really end up with anything: some costumes may be misbalanced with other costumes, or some skills may be over-powered (or under-powered) compared to other outfits. It's as cool a concept as it is a risky concept. Some gamers aren't completely sold on the cosplay elements of Lightning Returns and given that stat-based item manipulation has proven sketchy in the past (i.e., See Street Fighter X Tekken's Gem system), it's easy to see why gamers would be apprehensive of this feature.

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