Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Gets A Collector's Edition

If you’re going to release an RPG these days, you might as well offer up a big, meaty Collector’s Edition for fans to sink their teeth into, complete with all sorts of digital and physical goodies to round out the experience. And that’s exactly what Square Enix has put together for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, revealing a special collector’s edition packed with an art book, a watch and all sorts of other shiny goodness.

Revealed over on the PlayStation Blog, the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII collector’s edition is going to be a pretty hefty package, including a collector box, a big ole’ art book, a silver embossed pocket watch and, of course, a copy of the brand new game.

“Instead of just throwing together a bunch of cluttered pieces of cardstock, paperweights, or stuff you won’t ever look at again, we spent a lot of time coming up with some things we thought you’d really enjoy,” said Square Enix Associate Product Manager Mat Kishimoto. “In other words, we wanted to make this collector’s edition just that—something you’d actually want to collect.”

This bad boy is so big that they even put together a trailer just to show it off. And if you’re more of the static picture type, then you can see everything on offer in one go just below.

Pretty snazzy, huh? Along with the game itself, the Lightning Returns collector’s edition comes in a special box to hold all of its bits and baubles, sporting an image taken directly from the Japanese cover of the game. It’s a lovely image of the titular Lightning, and it’ll look nice resting up on a shelf, over by your console, or laying on your pillow at night while you whisper sweet nothings into its cardboard ear. Hey, we’re not here to judge. You do your thing.

Also included in the collection is the 80-page hardcover art book and, if we’ve come to know anything about Final Fantasy art books, it’s that they know how to do them right. Featuring original artwork from character designer Tetsuya Nomura to further concept work and gorgeous final renderings, there’s going to be plenty of eye candy in this tome that’ll look especially nice sitting on the coffee table.

The collection also includes a DLC code for an Aerith outfit for Lightning to wear, which is sure to make long-time series fans squeal with glee.

Finally, there’s that extremely nifty-looking pocket watch which, well, tells time.

All of this can be yours for $89.99, which you might want to pre-order soon if you want to claim a copy before the Feb. 11 U.S. release date.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.