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Despite the fact of how awesome it would be to have Punch-Out!!’s ‘Lil Mac as a playable character in the popular Smash Bros series, Nintendo is apparently telling me it wouldn’t be awesome as I think it would be, as his name has still not made a guest appearance on the roster. This comes as a rather huge surprise to me as Solid Snake’s appearance in the trailer shown only last year proves that Nintendo is willing to throw in pretty much anybody, so why not include a character from one of Nintendo’s most beloved franchises?

With Wario, Zero Suit Samus, Meta Knight, and Pit from Kid Icarus all in for the Brawl, wouldn’t ‘Lil Mac, and I don’t know, maybe even King Hippo, be an awesome addition to the already Nintendo-stuffed cast? And hey, maybe even with the press of a button ‘Lil Mac’s trainer, Doc Louis, could be summoned to pop out and knock on the screen, and advise gamers to “Join the Nintendo Fun Club today!” Hey, if they have a Nintendog rubbing up against the screen, I don’t see why not. But besides ‘Lil Mac, my second choice would have been the pixilated racer from Excite Bike. How cool would it have been to fight in a level entirely filled with ramps and other racers landing on top of you? Aw, shucks, I guess there’s always the next Smash Bros., right?

But moving on...the fact that your favorite Nintendo character isn’t making it in this latest Smash Bros., might be your own damn fault. Back in May of last year, GameSpy.com actually reported that people could visit the Nintendo of Japan site and suggest characters and possible music for the game. But with the game’s tentative some-time-this-year release date, the site has already been taken down and is now not available for further suggestions, which is a bummer.

In other related news, a recent wikipedia entry inferred that the most suggested character for the new game was (drum roll, please…) Sonic! (You know, blue guy. Spikes. The Hedgehog!). If Sonic DOES make an appearance, which a Nintendo Swedish Magazine thinks is a definite possibility -- though, sources are sketchy -- this would be the second time that the gaming magazine, EGM, would have an April Fool’s joke actually (somewhat) come true. The first time was with Akuma in the Street Fighter series. After making a joke in their annual April Fool’s issue that you could actually fight Sheng Long (Ryu’s trainer), Capcom took the idea and ran with it, throwing a mysterious, red headed demon from hell as a secret boss character in Super Street Fighter II Turbo.

This time around would make the second time EGM's Arpil Fool's would possibly come true. Their April Fool’s joke, of course, was that you could be both Sonic AND Tails in Smash Bros Brawl. Here’s hoping EGM does an April Fools joke about a new Eternal Darkness game. That game was the Naz.
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