Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. Crafty karters are only a handful of months away from diving into LittleBigPlanet Karting, but the game needs to go through a series of beta tests before it's deemed ready for the public. That's where you fine folks come in, because sign-ups for the first wave of beta testing has officially begun.

With development headed up by United Front Games, the people behind the cleverly executed yet commercially lackluster Modnation Racters, LittleBigPlanet Karting will give players the chance to take their lovable Sackboy to the races, designing your own character, karts and tracks to compete in a one of a kind karting experience.

Judging by all the early media, LBPR looks to sport the same lighthearted, colorful aesthetics of the rest of the games in the series. A full single player campaign will be available, as well as online racing. Being a LBP game at its heart, though, half of the fun will be in the crafting. Players will be able to build pretty much whatever they can imagine, and then race on it.

Obviously, that means there will be lots and lots of bits and pieces in every track, meaning that lots and lots of testing will need to be done in order to make sure the game shines sometime before its expected fall release. To do that, interested players are being asked to sign up for the beta. You'll have to pass through an age gate and then fill out a form telling about your experience with the the PS3 and LBP franchise.

No word on what criteria will be used to select beta players, but one thing is for sure: You won't get in if you don't sign up. To do that, head on over to the PSN beta page.

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