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Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment released a trailer for Lord of the Rings: War In The North today entitled, "The Power of Three." It focuses on the three-man team at the heart of the game.

War in the North is a tale that takes place in the background of the main LOTR storyline. A human ranger, dwarven warrior, and elven mage journey to the northern territories of Middle-earth. Badly outnumbered by orcs and other beasties, they must learn to work together to survive.

Players can choose to play any of the three characters. Each of these characters can be molded to fit your playstyle. For example, Andriel the mage can learn how to use either offensive or defensive magic. Her skill with melee weapons can also be developed.

The end of the trailer indicates that War will be released on November 1st. Note that this is the North American release date. Europe apparently won't get the game until the 25th.