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Deck 13 and City Interactive's Lords of the Fallen was formally unveiled at E3 this week. The first screenshots give us a clear sense of the art style for this action RPG.

The game's not as gritty as, say, Dark Souls but it's not as cartoonish as Darksiders. It falls somewhere in the middle: the characters' weapons and armor are very stylized and colorful but it still looks like we're in the "real world."

Lords takes place in a medieval fantasy realm locked in a civil war. Its inhabitants battle for, or against, a deity known as the Fallen God. Players take on the role of Harkyn, an outcast whose destiny will be shaped by players.

City Interactive previously described Lords as a hardcore RPG. In addition to a branching storyline, it will sport a deep customization system so players can mold Harkyn's skills to their playstyle. That's about all we've heard about the game thus far, though.

Supposedly a gameplay demo for Lords will be released before E3 ends. We'll keep our eyes peeled.

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