If you had a few hours to burn and stinging thirst for visceral combat against seemingly insurmountable odds, Lost Planet 2 was the goto game for that. It was basically a combination of Gears of War meets Godzilla. It was awesome. Well, for Lost Planet 3 Capcom and Spark Unlimited are taking a slightly different direction when it comes to the campaign mode and while a lack of co-op was always known about the game, what a lot of people probably didn't know is that Lost Planet 3 will be more exploration and suspense driven than its predecessor.

The original Lost Planet introduced gamers to a sort of large-scale, frightening, extreme-conditions scenario. Lost Planet 2 removed a lot of the exploration and isolation factors in place of being a really kickbutt, straight-through action-packed adventure. Lost Planet 3 aims to combine a little bit of both previous games but at the same time manage an identity all its own, or at least, that's what they're hoping to do according to producer Andrew Szymanski.

Speaking with VG 24/7 at the Tokyo Game Show, Szymanski stated that...
It’s still largely an action title, but as gamers ourselves we recognize that having balls-to-the-wall action non-stop throughout can actually cause each enemy encounter to feel less meaningful.

That’s one reason why we are focusing on exploration and the sense of isolation and adventure in the title, and one way of doing that is through the more suspense-driven interior base sections in the game.

We call these ‘palate cleansers’ internally, and they serve to highlight Jim’s trepidation at exploring an unknown environment and allow us to create a foreboding atmosphere inspired by the original ‘Alien’ film.

Well that's good news.

Some gamers are still very skeptical about Lost Planet 3 and I don't blame them. It's really hard to tell what the game will be like based on the unimpressive E3 footage (which basically made the game look like any other ho-hum, third-person Hollywood blockbuster shooter).

I don't know how well the game will do replay wise given that the main reason not to trade in Lost Planet 2 was because you could replay the campaign mode over and over again to unlock all kinds of awesome stuff and the optional co-op for the multiplayer made it that much better. The whole credits aspect to gamble on new taunts, gear and equipment also added a lot of extra flavor to the game. If you don't want to see your game in the bargain bin you make it replayable like Lost Planet 2.

Whether or not Lost Planet 3 will be able to maintain the same amount of replayability while being a story-driven shooter focusing on only one character remains to be seen. But hopefully Spark does right by the franchise and delivers a blockbuster experience.

You can check out the rest of the interview over at VG 24/7.

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