The latest trailer for Lost Planet 3 is a collage of story cinematics and in-game play. Unfortunately, it's a little hard to distinguish what's actual gameplay and what's actual cinematic. While some gamers might applaud this as a pro-move from Spark to make the transitions seamless, a lot of the content seems to lend itself more-so to the side of quick-time events.

We know that Lost Planet 3 focuses a lot more on a story-oriented experience this time around than the previous two games, but what we don't know is exactly what the gameplay will be like. Based on the following video it seems to lend itself closer to a cinematic feel than the previous two games, although the gun-play seems to be relatively similar to Lost Planet 2. Check it out below.

The close encounters with the arachnid seems to be reminiscent of some of the quick-time fights from a lot of other games out there...just judging by the way Jim and the creatures react. I'm curious if melee will play a larger role in this game than in Lost Planet 2? It definitely looks like it once you get inside the driller mech.

I get the feeling, though, that perhaps Capcom may have messed up the order in which the Lost Planet games have been released. It seems like it should have gone Lost Planet: Extreme Conditions and then Lost Planet 3 and then Lost Planet 2.

Anyway, the game looks kind of fun and the RPG elements could be interesting once we get to see more of it. For now you can keep up to date with the game by paying a visit to the Official Website.

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