The boys of summer are finally ready to hit the field on the PlayStation 4 as MLB The Show arrives for Sony’s home console. It’s also a big week for RPG fans on the PS4, as Bound by Flame finally gets to hacking and slashing alongside portable games like God of War Collection and Borderlands 2 for the PlayStation Vita.

It’s yet another huge week for Sony consoles, with a little something-something arriving on all three platforms starting tomorrow, May 6.

While the latest annual version of The Show already launched on other Sony platforms a few weeks back, the beloved baseball game finally arrives on the PlayStation 4 this week, complete with all of the bells, whistles and enhanced graphics/performance you would expect out of a next gen console.

That’s far from the only thing launching on the PS4 this week, however. Bound by Flame, a new RPG, will be hitting the PS3 and PS4 this week, not available until May 9.

“Seven Icelords have clutched the world in a cold grip,” reads the official release announcement. “An army of undead threatens the last remaining free peoples, and only a few among them have the strength to fight back. Wrestle with the influence of a fire demon and save the world in this tactical, dark fantasy RPG.”

Fans of bizarre competitive games will also be happy to know that Sportsfriends will also be arriving on the PS3 and PS4 this week, offering up a foursome of games for players to play with buddies including BaraBariBall, Super Pole Riders, Hokra and Johann Sebastian Joust. For those who are having a bell rung by Joust, the answer is “yes,” that is indeed the game where you try to knock a controller out of your friend’s hand while trying not to move your own controller too much.

The 2D adventure puzzle game, Stick it to the Man will also hit the PS4 this week for those who didn’t pick it up on the PS3 or Vita just yet, while all three consoles will be getting a dose of Titan Attacks! Rather than being a game about giant humanoid monsters terrorizing a city and eat people, Titan Attacks is actually a classic arcade shooter with all of the flair, upgrades and looks of a modern game.

Finally, the PlayStation Vita is getting lots of love this week, too, with another handful of games that haven’t already been mentioned. Not only is the new Vita model arriving this week, but it’s also launching alongside the portable version of Borderlands 2. You can either get the two together in a bundle this Tuesday or wait until next week to get Borderlands 2 by its lonesome.

Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse also hits the Vita this week, alongside Football Manager Classic 2014, God of War Collection and the latest visual novel, Hakuoki: Stories of the Shinsengumi.

So, yeah, no matter which PlayStation machine you’re gaming on, you should be able to find something new to play this week, no problem.

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