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The MX vs. ATV series rode off into the sunset a couple of years back, seemingly never to be heard from again. Well, it looks like Nordic Games has different plans for the off-road racer, as the publisher has announced that, after securing the rights to the series, MX vs. ATV will ride again in 2014.

This can serve as a gentle reminder that, just because a series you like hasn't been around for a while doesn't mean there isn't a chance for it to get a second lease on life. Formerly under the THQ banner, the MX vs. ATV license was one of the bundle Nordic Games procured following the publisher's unfortunate closure last year. Now Nordic is announcing that it has brought on several folks who formerly worked on the MX vs. ATV series, and they're all hard at work on a brand new game.

“This dedicated team will be taking it to even greater heights while retaining the ingredients that made MX vs. ATV so successful,” reads the official announcement from Nordic. “It's no coincidence the team is based in Phoenix Arizona, where it all began in the mid-90's. Perhaps one can be forgiven for borrowing from the well-worn cliché': The Phoenix has truly risen from the digital ashes.”

Usually I'd say something snarky or play a sad trombone after a quote like that but, really, I find it hard to tease a publisher/developer when they are doing something I truly think has the fans in mind. I never really got into the series, but I know there were a lot of MX vs. ATV junkies out there who were bummed to hear that THQ was going under and their racer of choice may never return. So Kudos on Nordic for 1) Making it possible for folks to keep making the games they love and 2) Making it possible for fans to keep playing the racing game that they love.

“We're absolutely thrilled to be working with Nordic Games because they appreciate the team's passion and dedication to bring the feel of real motocross racing to MX vs. ATV fans,” said EP Ken George. “Not just the adrenaline rush, but the whole experience from top to bottom.”

George said he's also excited to be working alongside so many members of the original team and, now that the hiatus is over, they're hard at work mixing a little old with a little new to craft the next game in the series.

Nordic's Business and Product Development Director, Reinhard Pollice, echoed George's enthusiasm, saying that the folks at Nordic are eager to give them the freedom and resources they need to make the next MX vs. ATV game great. Look for more details moving into the New Year and, according to Nordic, quite possibly the next game in the series sometime in 2014. You can check out some footage from the last MX Vs ATV game before it was shelved.

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