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2K Games may have pushed back Mafia II far into the distant regions of the 2010 territory, but that hasn’t stopped the game from looking as amazing and cinematic as ever. In fact, in the new in-game walkthrough, Mafia II looks simply stunning and captures everything about the gangster era that The Godfather II failed at miserably.

The video walkthrough begins with the lead character, Vito, in a coffee shop. It follows Vito through an entire mission from then on, including all the driving segments and cinematic sequences in between. What makes this walkthrough so cool is that it’s actually fun and intense watching someone else play.

The game has this epic, gangster feel to it that usually only appears in movies. And 2K seems to have captured all the necessary elements in bringing this atmospheric action title to life. As you’ll see in the lengthy trailer, it features a lot of little nuances that make Empire City look and feel like a possible downtown Chicago or mid-winter New Jersey.

Now just so you know, this trailer is not for the little kiddies; it includes lots of foul language, plenty of blood, and a scene where one of the lead characters get shot in the testicles. Ouch.

You can check out the new video demonstration below or visit the Official Website for more info on the game. As always, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games for more gaming news, info, updates and media.

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