Majesco, probably best known now for casual games and kiddie titles, used to be a reasonable force during the SNES, PSX and a little bit of the PS2 era. Now, however, their line-up of E3 games consists of two Kinect titles. Feels like there should be some snickering and giggles to follow.

Yes, I didn't know it was possible to have a line-up of E3 games that consists of only two titles but Majesco is touting it around like Paris Hilton with a Louis Voitton handbag in Ethiopia. Anyways, the two games happen to be Zumba Fitness and NBA Baller Beats for the Kinect for Xbox 360.

The first game is quite self-explanatory, it's a fitness game where you perform on-screen movements with real-life movements. If you've ever thought about getting into shape and playing games while doing so, well there's Zumba Fitness. I don't think there's a lot else to say about that.

The more interesting game out of the two is obviously NBA Baller Beats. This game, despite being a Kinect title, is somewhat interesting because the official trailer doesn't show one iota of gameplay whatsoever. We just get a guy bouncing a ball around and we know that the game will utilize a real basketball as part of the play mechanic. I was actually curious how the whole thing worked in real-time. However, according to Majesco, gamers will get to see NBA Baller Beats in action at E3 quite naturally. The game itself features a diverse soundtrack with loads of unlockable content as players use a real basketball to play rhythmically to the tunes.

If you want more info on either game you can visit the Official Zumba Fitness Website or the Official NBA Baller Beats Website to get more details. Majesco will have both games on display in the West Hall at Booth #5200 at the LA Convention Center between June 5th and June 7th.

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