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Hello Games' No Man's Sky just been priced by a very unlikely source... GOG.com. The game is currently available for pre-order from CD Projekt's digital distribution outlet for the going price of $59.99. The game is set to go live on PC and PS4 this June.

Gamasutra posted up the very brief yet informative press release that indicates that the game will cost $60 on PC, which also means it's likely going to cost the same on PS4 as well. Just recently it was revealed that the game is launched on June 21st on PS4, just after E3 wraps up later this year.

The news sort of caught a lot of people off guard because first off: most people did not think that No Man's Sky was going to cost $59.99 and assumed it was going to be around $29.99 or so. Second, people really didn't think that Hello Games' title was going to be available as a DRM-free title on GOG.com. I'm not sure which one is more shocking, to be honest.

Some gamers have expressed across social media that they weren't sure if No Man's Sky would be worth $60. While it's easily one of the most ambitious games made this generation, some gamers suspect that it may not have the actual gameplay depth to justify the price. Of course, we don't know exactly what sort of depth No Man's Sky has in terms of gameplay.

Throughout most of 2015 Hello Games' Sean Murray has been promoting the game across a number of talk shows and other conferences. Murray has mostly been showcasing No Man's Sky's traveling and a little bit of the planet exploration but everything has been extremely limited. We haven't actually seen any real space combat yet, although we did get to see a space battle taking place during one of the demonstrations, we just didn't get to see it up close. They also showed some of the combat on the ground and what happens when the animals on a planet turn hostile or giant mechs come after the player, but that's usually as far as combat is concerned.

The game will supposedly have an in-depth crafting and building system, along with the ability to go deep cave diving and digging thanks to the exploration tools afforded to the player, but we haven't seen any of those features in action yet.

It's completely possible that No Man's Sky could be as complex and as diverse in its gameplay as a game like Minecraft but we won't know for sure until more footage or more content is made available for the public.

There's a lot of potential with this game given that there aren't any games right now on the market doing what Hello Games is attempting to do. Space Engineers comes close but it still doesn't have a fully explorable galaxy and games like Empyrion are still rather small scale in their design compared to No Man's Sky. It will be interesting to see how well Hello Games' title does on the market priced at $60 both digitally and for its physical Blu-ray release on the PC and PS4 later this year when it launches at the end of June on retail shelves and digital distributors like GOG.com.