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Hahahaha—Congrats Sony. Your flagship product is officially getting destroyed by three separate Nintendo consoles. This month’s NPD reports have come in and it the Playstation 3 has been outsold by the Wii, NDS…and the freakin’ Gameboy Advance.

In the month of March the GBA managed to move 148,000 units. The PS3 only moved 130,000. Looks like Sony should be considering that price drop after all. Want to know the really sad part?

PS3 sales are actually up slightly from last month.

While this news is very amusing, it means little in gauging the success or failure of the PS3 so far. We need to hold out until after the Christmas season to draw any conclusions.

Aw, chin up guys. If it makes you feel any better we can spin the news so that it’s not so bad. I guess if you really wanted to you could say, “No fair! The GBA has been building momentum for SIX YEARS!”

In other news, big surprise, the DS remains unstoppable. Also, God of War II doubles the nearest competitor as it nears platinum status (GOW2-833,000/GRAW2 360-394,000)

The rest of the sales numbers are as follows:

Nintendo DS - 508,000
PS2 - 280,000
PS3 - 130,000
Wii - 259,000
Xbox 360 - 199,000
Gamecube - 22,000


Guitar Hero II w/ guitar - 291,000
Wii Play w/ remote - 273,000
Motorstorm - 199,000
Diddy Kong Racing - 189,000
Spectrobes - 165,000
Major League Baseball 2K7 - 165,000
MLB '07: The Show -164,000
Def Jam ICON - 148,000