The Wii U has had a few big weeks in a row but, for the first week of May, it’s all about the 3DS over at Nintendo HQ. Not only is the portable console getting a new Mega Man game on the Virtual Console, but it’s also seeing the launch of two AAA first-party titles this week, namely Mario Golf: World Tour and Kirby: Triple Deluxe.

To be fair, the Wii U is also getting hit by a triple-shot of new content this week, starting with the unique adventure game, Stick it to the Man. In this 2D world that looks like a Tim Burton film, the player takes on the role of a Joe Average who wakes up one day to discover he has a “spaghetti noodle arm” protruding from his brain. This arm will let him see into the minds of various other characters and alter their thoughts, creating a unique puzzling scenario for players to get through.

The Wii U will also see the release of Mach Rider and Abyss this week. And if you like sales, Splinter Cell Blacklist will be marked down to 30 bucks, as will Shin Megami Tensei 4. SMT4 will receive that special discounted price until May 5 while Blacklist’s new price looks to be permanent for the Wii U action shooter.

Three smaller games will be hitting the 3DS this week, including Tiny Games-Knights & Dragons, Picrosse e4 and Azada. If you’d rather go old school, however, then you’ll likely want to check out Mega Man Xtreme, one of the Game Boy Advance’s best platformers that’s now making its way to the portable console for just five bucks.

Finally, this brings us to this week’s two big hitters for the Nintendo 3DS, Mario Golf: World Tour and Kirby: Triple Deluxe.

Take the pink vacuum marshmallow guy on a brand new adventure and absorb all new abilities from your enemies in the single player story mode, or get together with some friends to determine which Kirby is the best in a multiplayer battle mode. It’s been a little while since this adorable ball of pink mightiness has visited the portable landscape and all signs are pointing to Triple Deluxe being a welcome return.

Finally, there’s Mario Golf: World Tour, the first game in the arcade golfing franchise to come along in about a decade. More so than in previous installments, World Tour embraces the “arcade” part of its genre, giving players some of the craziest locations to golf across to date, complete with unique challenges, online multiplayer, unlockable players and gear and even item power-ups to affect your shots.

There’s also going to be a season pass for additional courses and characters, for those who feel like getting their golf on even more in the coming months.

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