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Nintendo won't have to worry about fudging the numbers when it comes to reporting the total ship-through and sell-through rates of Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U for the upcoming monthly figures because in Japan the game already accounted for an 80.9% sell-through rate, according to recent market sales data.

Nintendo Everything is reporting that Media Create numbers indicate that Mario Kart 8 has a very high sell-through rate in Japan. In fact, given that we know that the game sold 325,892 at a sell-through percentage of 80.9%, we can approximate that Nintendo shipped around 400,00 copies to Japan. That's immensely good news for the Big 'N'.

As you can see on the official M-Create website, Mario Kart 8 is still topping charts, and has contributed to Wii U hardware sales around the world, moving 666% in the U.K., and according to VGChartz, 489% the world around.

The game itself moved more than 1.2 million SKUs globally and has helped put Nintendo back in the spotlight as a prime-time player in the eighth-gen console wars, managing to revive the Wii U like Yoda bringing the X-Wing out of the swamp in Empire Strikes Back.

However, there is a disturbance in the Force.

Sterne Agee analyst, Arvind Bhatia, has made an observation that even with a price cut the Wii U may not recover.

“Blasphemy!” the Nintendonites yell.

The reality is that Nintendo needs momentum. It is true that a price cut won't help if they don't have momentum and the only way they can gain and keep momentum is with megaton game releases, just like with Mario Kart 8.

Let's also not forget that the Nintendo 3DS went through the exact same resurrection phase. In fact, four months after the 3DS' release it was suffering on the market (opposite of the first four months of the Wii U's stellar start) and it took a price cut and a lot of software loving to get it back in the race, as reported on the Financial Times.

A few software kickstarts with high-profile AAA titles and we could see the Wii U pick up and kick off like an old lawnmower that needs a few good tugs on the 'ole pulley cord before it starts mowing down the competition like fresh blades across a spring morning's lawn.

A lot of that sustained momentum will be depend on what Nintendo drops at this year's E3, as the Wii U's resurrection is only as important as the megatons that will launch for the system later this year and next year.

Of course, Luigi's Death Stare also probably contributes quite a bit to the marketing momentum that Mario Kart 8 has gained in the eyes of the general public, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. I mean, you certainly don't want Luigi showing up at your house because you didn't buy a copy of the game... because he's the one who knocks.

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