has released a new video from the recent Mario Kart 8 preview event, where they managed to get some hands-on time with the Wii U exclusive. The result is 20 minutes of gameplay footage featuring new and old tracks from the game, as well as a detailed look at how the underwater segments, the gliding and the gravity walls work.

The two chaps doing the bit of commentary add some measure of information to the whole experience, giving gamers a nice bit of context to some of what's happening on-screen, including the brand new customization feature, which enables users to modify and fix up their ride for any character of their choosing.

The customization is definitely one of the best parts about the game as it opens up a wealth of possibilities. You can basically grab a character, grab your kart, motorcycle, buggy or four-wheeler and then outfit it with various other parts, including different tires and a different glider.

Now, there is a mention in the video that the blue turtle shell is still invincible, but the reality is that the blue turtle shell is no longer the terminator that it once was in all the previous Mario Kart titles. Nintendo has added a slight balance tweak in the form of a horn, which can disrupt the blue turtle shell.

Also, I'm kind of curious what happens when the shell is about to hit you and flip from the wall back to the ground. Will you still get hit mid-air by the blue shell? I guess we'll find out once May 30th arrives... or if more preview videos appear and we can see how well that attack works.

It feels like time has slowed down as we count the days away leading up to the release of Mario Kart 8. Nintendo, however, has done a superb job of releasing small bits – or in the case of the last couple of days, large bits – of new information for the game that is creating some serious forms of hype.

My only fear is that perhaps the hype is a little late. Nintendo only has the month of May to create the kind of steamrolling hype-train to get both casuals and core gamers entirely interested in not only picking up a copy of Mario Kart 8 but also getting engaged enough to want to grab a Wii U as part of the new bundle promotion that Nintendo has rolled out.

Let's just hope that the Big 'N's promotional efforts aren't too little, too late. Right now they need all the help they can get as far as Wii U sales are concerned.

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